Custom Antibody Service

Let Ducks Take Care of Difficult Antigens!
Ducks make Superior Antibodies
Good Biotech Corp. specializes in custom-made antibodies against “difficult” antigens.


Good Biotech is professional in developing antibodies against mammalian highly conserved proteins by host duck which is highly responsive to difficult antigens. Moreover, we are competent for simultaneous production of multiple antibodies on request for mass production at the same time. We feel very confident of providing service by our unique technology and therefore, would like to invite you to witness it.

Why does Duck make Superior Antibodies?

Unlike mammalian antibodies, duck IgY (ΔFc) antibodies are, due to the natural structural difference, free from common blemishes easily discovered in mammalian antibodies such as interferences or false positive results caused by RF/complement/HAMA and so on. In addition, duck IgY(ΔFc) antibodies are easier to achieve high activity and more accessible to commercial practices than traditional avian antibodies, such as chicken IgY antibodies. Thus, compared with making IgG antibody from hyperimmune sera, producing IgY (ΔFc) antibody from Hyperimmune Duck eggs has the following advantages:
Highly responsive to mammalian conserved proteins
IgY (ΔFc) is unique in structure and free from the common interferences, such as
Satisfying for fast and mass production.
Competent for simultaneous production of multiple antibodies
Highly stable
No Bio-hazards imposed
Compatibility with modern animal protection regulations.

What's our Custom Duck IgY(DFc) Antibody Service?

Standard Package
Standard Custom Antibody Protocol:
l  This service includes the housing, the animal care, the
    immunization of ducks, the ELISA screening of antibody and
    the production of immune and preimmune IgY(ΔFc)
l  Various antigens are accepted. We are experienced in
    dealing with difficult antigens. (Native/ Recombinant
    proteins, peptide-carrier conjugates, and plasmid DNA are
Antigen required
Please contact us and we will provide more detailed information for different cases.
Delivered objects
X mg of immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody
Y mg of pre-immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody
Lead time
Within 75 days on receiving the antigen

For quantity of X, Y and further information, please contact us.

Extension Package 1
Additional Quantity Purchase of IgY(ΔFc) Antibody
l  The customer has a choice to purchase an additional
    X mg of immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody
Purchase our Standard Package
Delivered objects
Y mg of immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody or larger quantity as customer needs
When you may purchase this extension package
Within 4 weeks of receipt of immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody from our Standard Package
For quantity of X, Y and further information, please contact us.
Extension Package 2
IgY(ΔFc) Antibody Affinity Purification
l  The service includes making an affinity column and the 
    antibody affinity purification of antigen- or peptide-specific
    IgY(ΔFc) from immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody fraction
Purchase our Standard Package *
Preparation of Affinity Purification Column will be charged
*For a larger quantity of IgY(ΔFc) Antibody Affinity Purification, purchase of Standard package and Extension Package 1 is needed.
Final Delivered objects
Immune IgY(ΔFc) antibody for X mg
Affinity Antibody for X mg
Pre-immune IgY(ΔFc) Antibody for Y mg
* X, Y depends on the customer's demand
For further information, please contact us.
l      Some projects can be customized. (Accelerated programs are available)
l      Bio-hazardous antigens e.g. live/non-inactivated viruses or bacteria etc. are not accepted.
l      The antigen and the buffer must not be toxic.
l>      We are committed to our customers. Any information related to this project is considered confidential and will not be disclosed or used for other purposes.
l      The success of this project is dependent upon the antigenicity of the material supplied by the client.