IgY(ΔFc) based Snake Venom Rapid Test Kit

IgY(ΔFc) Antibody based Snake Venom Rapid Test Kit

Snakebite is an important public health problem causing considerable morbidity and mortality worldwide, particularly in rural areas of Africa, Asia etc. Bites by venomous snakes can lead to varied clinical manifestations. The success of therapy usually depends on the snake species involved. However, if venom from the wrong species is selected, the antivenom will not be effective against the effects of bites, and will consequently cause the excess use of snake antivenom immunoglobulins which leads to significantly increase the medical. Therefore, identification of snake species is of prime importance. Various immunoassays have been developed for the detection of snake venom. Among all these methods, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) remains the most widely use. However, ELISA and most of the other existing immune-assays all suffer from interference due to the use of mammalian primary and secondary antibodies. These assays are also rather time-consuming as well as laborious; making inconvenience and unavailable to use in the rural areas of the developing countries. The risk of snakebite envenoming is a public health hazard that many people in the rural tropics face on a daily basis. The unavailability of detecting which snake species involved, and further failed to provide proper/timely treatment of victims especially in rural tropical countries has become a critical health issue at global level. 


One-Step, Visual Snake Venom Rapid Test Kit

Good Biotech’s snake venom rapid test kit is an immunochromatography, one-step, visual rapid test kit for the specific diagnosis of the snake species. The kit is a ready-to-use kit and was designed for emergency medical use with no sample pre-treatment & no instrument needed; which can provide real time diagnosis especially in rural areas of developing countries.


Breakthrough IgY(ΔFc) Antibody Technology Improves Snake Venom Diagnosis

Good Biotech’s IgY(ΔFc) antibody based snake venom rapid test kit is a first-of-its-kind diagnosis technology, enabling victims/healthcare professionals to more quickly specific diagnosis (simple/3-5 minutes) compared to current methods (complex/laborious). The unique IgY(ΔFc) antibodies were employed in this test system,empowering precisely identification of specific venom in a particular geographical area. With the rapid diagnosis of this kit, monospecific snake antivenom immunoglobulin can be used for the therapy, offering benefit including reducing the medical cost, avoidance of excess use of antivenoms which can cause severe side effects by receiving large dose of antivenom. On top of this, detection of snake venom and knowing exact circulating venom needed will be of much beneficial in many countries where snake bite endemic and snake antivenom immunoglobulins are always in short supply.

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IgY(ΔFc) Antibody based Snake Venom Rapid Test Kit is produced by state of the art proprietary IgY(ΔFc) Antibody technology; the kit is "Highly species-specific, Reliable, Sensitive, Rapid, Inexpensive, Stable, Simple, Real-time diagnosis, and Portable for Field Use", one of the best choice of making the snake venom rapid test kit avialable/commercialization in each country.





Ready to use, Simple, One Step, Rapid & Visual Qualitative Results


No instrument needed


No sample pre-treatment needed

Sample type:

Whole blood, urine, wound ooze, samples from bite sites, or other tissues and body fluids

Sample Volume:   


Assay Time:

within 3-5 minutes


Excellent Sensitivity: snake venom in 1ng/ml for wet phase


Excellent Sensitivity: snake venom in 0.2ng/ml for dry phase


a much quicker & effective treatment solution to envenomation from snakebite as well as reducing medical cost

Duck IgY(ΔFc) Ab:              

Use of duck IgY(ΔFc) antibodies, possess the advantages including free from interference, avoid false reaction; the sensitivity, precision, and accuracy can be highly improved.


a much quicker & effective treatment solution to envenomation from snakebite as well as reducing medical cost