Triplex CRP LIT Assay

Intended Use

Good Biotech Corp. Triplex CRP LIT Assay (REF: KT-0301-D) is intended to be used for the quantitative determination of C-reactive protein in serum, plasma, and whole blood by latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry (LIT). Triplex CRP LIT Assay is designed for use in two applications, Wide Range CRP Mode and High Sensitivity CRP Mode, by using different parameter settings. The Wide Range CRP Mode is characterized by an extraordinary broad measuring range (up to 300 mg/L) and uses a wide range of sample types, including whole blood, serum, and plasma. On the other hand, High Sensitivity CRP Mode is recommended for serum/plasma samples with CRP concentrations below 20 mg/L and where high precision and extremely good sensitivity is required (assay range of high sensitivity mode: 0-20 mg/L). The measurement of C-reactive protein is useful for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury, inflammatory disorders, and associated diseases. For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.


The one and only IgY-based Human CRP immunoassay in the world.
Easy and reliable performance of the test.
Use of serum, plasma, and whole blood.
Test results are available in minutes.
Application for general clinical chemistry analyzers.
Quantitative results.
High sensitivity/ Low detection limit: 0.5 mg/L (Universal mode)/ 0.05 mg/L (High Sensitivity mode).

Assay Range



Assay Range: CRP (mg/L)


High Sensitivity CRP

0.013-20 mg/L

Wide Range CRP

0.68-250 mg/L

Hitachi 917(7170)

High Sensitivity CRP

0.04-20 mg/L

Wide Range CRP

0.34-300 mg/L

Whole Blood CRP

1.4-300 mg/L